LED Lights- what is the hype all about?

Tiger Light LED Kits

Over the last few years there has been a trend toward LED lighting on farm equipment. Is this a passing fad? What are the pro’s and cons? In this article we will try and answer some of those questions.

The LED (Light Emitting Diodes)  is a light source which uses semiconductors and electroluminescence to create light. We will save the scientific explanation of how and why they work for another time and place.  LED’s are also known for their blueish white color in comparison to their yellowed incandescent or halogen counterparts.

What are the Pro’s??

  • LED lights are very directional meaning that characteristically they project very well as well and penetrate through fog and dust.
  • LED lights are very efficient with their power consumption. An LED of comparable light output to a halogen will take approximately 1/3 the power input which means Halogens can be replaced by LED’s to reduce the Electrical load on a lighting circuit.
  • LED Light output is much higher (4x-6x) than a regular Halogen.
  • LED light color is closer to natural daylight than Halogen bulbs which reduces eye strain while using LED’s after dark.
  • LED lights are known for long life because of their robust design.

What are the Con’s??

  • Because of LED’s Intense Light output and Directional Light certain LEDs can cause glare back in Dusty or Foggy conditions


  • Another kind of light technology that we will briefly touch on is HID. HID is known for very bright, intensive lighting. HID is loosing some traction to LED because LED does not have the startup Amperage Spike of HID or the inherent ballast failure issues of HID. Good quality LED will rival HID for light output with less amperage draw and longer lifespan.

Why TigerLights??

There are so many manufacturers who claim to have the best light for sale. What sets TigerLights above the competition?

  • TigerLights boast Plug and Play lights meaning they will Plug in exactly the way the original light did and maintain the original fit and finish
  • TigerLights has identified a vast selection of Complete Light housings for Leading Agricultural Equipment applications and has manufactured complete replacement housings to replace old yellowed or clouded housings.
  • TigerLights uses technology that minimizes reflection off of fog and dust
  • TigerLights offers a Limited LifeTime warranty on most of their products
  • TigerLights offers complete Light Kits for a number of Makes and Models


Converting a piece of equipment to LED is a considerable investment. This is why TigerLights has developed high quality lights that will perform amazingly well for many years.

PineGrove Farm Service Inc is the Canadian Distributor for TigerLights.  Call us today for pricing on all your lighting projects.




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