New TigerLight Products Available now!


“Maybe you have to know the darkness, to appreciate the light” -Madeleine L’ Engle

At Pinegrove, we received new TigerLight products. The first one featured is the TL6145 L & R. It is compatible with the Case/IH MX models, 210, 230, 255, and 285. It features the amber and red tail light. Along with that, we also received TL6140 L & R. It is compatible with Case/IH MX models: 180, 200, 220, 240 and 270. This light features the white and red tail light.

The next light is the TL3005. As you will see in the images, it is a multi-functional light, having two colour options. It features the rear white working light and the red tail light. It is compatible with John Deere models from 920-6030. If you are an owner of TigerLights, we would enjoy hearing about your experience in the comments. Call PineGrove @ 519-634-1000 to place your TigerLight order.

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